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Your First Visit

When your body is working at its absolute best, you can be extraordinary, and we believe that extraordinary people create and achieve extraordinary lives.

What to Expect

Neuro-spinal Health Assessment  
bio-metric tests

Your first visit is where we gather all the information about your lifestyle and your current health. Our Bio-structural examination includes chiropractic postural, orthopaedic & neurological tests, a full spinal analysis (using state of the art NASA technology) and advanced spinal palpation.  We use this information to help us assess the health and function of your nervous system and get a baseline of your neural health as it currently is. Dr Walker then takes time to process his findings and we arrange your follow up visit for your results which may be later on the same day or within 72 hours of this visit depending on availability.


Health Report and Evaluation

At this visit we discuss what we found out about You at your first appointment and agree on a realistic plan about how we can help you, how long it will take to correct your problem and your investment in the process.

chiropractic adjustment visit

Spinal Check-up Visits

Designed to get you the results you are looking for as fast as possible.  This may mean that during your initial period of care with us you may require frequent weekly check-ups in order to make long lasting progress in reducing your pain & discomfort (and optimise the communication between your brain & body so that it doesn’t return). This frequency relates to the findings of your initial Neuro-spinal Assessment and our discussion at your Health Report & Evaluation.

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