Great results with Chiropractic – for our Practice Members!


***Voted Best Chiropractic Clinic 2018 & 2022 – England & Wales*** 

Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards by Global Health & Pharma (GHP)

What Our People Say....

The impact of the first 3 sessions was great. It enabled me to go to Cornwall for a week and engage in most things that I would normally do. Upon return I settled into a 1 per week , then 1 per 2 weeks programme as I could feel my balance, confidence and strength were recovering. I am now taking long walks, doing DIY, lifting modest weights, even climbing ladders again. All that was taboo in the immediate aftermath of the injury.  HD

~ H D ~

What Our People Say....

Best thing I have ever done for myself.
After each session I genuinely feel like a new person.
Takes away my back pain and clears my mind. Definitely puts the spring back in your step 😊.
Excellent customer care too. Looking forward to my next one

~ Benjamin Thomas ~

What Our People Say....

Fantastic, always feel like a weight has been lifted after visiting.

~ Susan Round ~

What Our People Say....

A very welcoming practise, all the staff are lovely. Martyn is an extremely skilled and professional chiropractor. He makes you feel at ease and can answer any questions you may have regarding chiropractic care. I have been attending monthly for the past 4 years and couldn't be happier with the treatment I receive

~Lesley-Anne Gilbert ~

What Our People Say....

As someone who went from having migraines at least twice a week to having absolutely none at all, I cannot recommend Walker Chiropractic enough. Martyn has transformed my quality of life and has a wealth of expertise. Martyn and Sarah always greet you with a warm smile and you really feel like you are being looked after. Could not recommend them enough!

~Abby Mallows ~

What Our People Say....

Unbelievable, I cannot begin to fully describe the change in me both physically and mentally since first attending just six weeks ago. Mainly because there would not be enough space.

~Julia Edney ~

What Our People Say....

Great service, very knowledgeable and effective - and lovely, friendly people too 😀

~Paul Grosvenor ~

What Our People Say....


 I can now get out of the car without saying ouch, walk long distances without having to sit down, overall I am so happy with the treatment I have received. Life changing.

~ Ann H ~

What Our People Say....

A huge thank you to Dr Martin . I am in my 3rd week of treatment and am feeling the benefit already. No more stiffness in my spine and tight hip flexors. Looking forward to the rest of my treatment plan. 😊

~Lesley Owen ~

What Our People Say....

Really struggled with anxiety and stress during this difficult period, I’m a front line NHS worker so things have been really tough, but I can honestly say I’ve been seeing Martin for a month now and the difference is huge, no more brain fog, anxiety has dropped right off and I’m feeling so much better in myself.

~Dave Face ~

What Our People Say....

"Feeling Positive with Results"

Having treatment has given me a new lease of life, I look forward to my treatment. Everyday I go makes me feel so positive. Martyn and Sarah are so friendly, you just feel at home and they take all ways to have time to answer any questions I might have. I can highly recommend them both! Martyn and Sarah, thanks for all you have both done for me.  

~Kym B ~

What Our People Say....

"Free from Discomfort and Pain"

I have had a bad arm for 18 months, having consulted a Doctor, attended Physiotherapy department at the local hospital and finally found Martyn, a chiropractor who within 2 visits has sorted my ‘so called’ tennis elbow.  I never thought it was tennis elbow and Martyn’s expertise has given me an arm free of discomfort and pain and has allowed me to carry out my work of woodcarving without having to wear wrist braces etc.

~Sharon Littley~

What Our People Say....

No back pain and able to do my work, as beforehand I was struggling, able to ride my motorbike
which I could never had done before starting my chiropractic care

~Neil Beames~

What Our People Say....

5 Stars

Amazing service. Couldn't be without it

~Ben T~

Great results with chiropractic…

….is what our practice members achieve on a regular basis!

We’ve been helping our community feel better with chiropractic for over 20 years. We do this by providing high-quality care in Porthcawl and Bridgend.  We love it when our practice members are reaching their health goals just by taking care of their neuro-spinal health.

Over the years we have seen changes in those who use chiropractic care to get better. We’ve seen mental, physical, and emotional health improve drastically!

Many start sharing with us little incidental improvements. They notice these alongside the changes in their primary symptoms.

Most of all, saying how they wish they knew about us (and chiropractic before!) our reward is seeing how well they are functioning and feeling better with chiropractic!

How does it work?

The purpose of chiropractic adjustment is to optimise the flow of communication between your brain and nervous system. This keeps you connected to your healing power and processes within.

Our Credo

We believe in the power of a chiropractic adjustment to restore the integrity of the innate brain-body connection leading to better health for you.

Our one and only focus is on re-establishing that neural connection. As chiropractors, we are able to detect and correct any blockage to that flow of energy in your spine.

Why is this body-brain connection so important?

Your nervous system controls EVERY function of your body, it’s one of the reasons why our practice members enjoy an improved all round quality of life, mobility and overall function.

When we work on releasing, reducing and removing nerve interference or blockages, your body has the chance to heal from pain and discomfort more effectively.

This in turn helps the natural flow of innate healing processes in your body – the ones responsible for healthy function, optimising regeneration of cells and tissues. It’s holistic healing! getting you better from the inside – out!

We’d love to help you start feeling better and get great results with chiropractic too!

What do we help with?

From headache treatments to sciatica relief, here’s just some of the symptoms we can help with:

  • Arthritic problems
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Sciatic pain relief
  • Ankle & foot problems
  • Repetitive strain
  • PSD
  • Lumbar pain
  • Leg pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Bladder control
  • Bowel control
  • Headaches & natural headache relief
  • Migraine & migraine triggers
  • ‘Slipped’ disc / prolapsed disc
  • Disc degeneration
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain, and lower back pain treatment
  • Shoulder pain

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