Our Vitalistic Approach

Chiropractic is the only profession that specifically addresses the nervous system and it’s function – it’s why it can be so effective in the relief of pain, discomfort and nerve damage related symptoms.

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How Chiropractic works & What we do


Every single cell, tissue, organ and muscle in your body receives either a direct nerve supply or is under the control of the central nervous system


Chemical messengers are produced by glands and other cells. They transmit messages from your brain along your neural pathways. These chemical messengers go to every part of your body and back again.


This message relay system is always informing your internal doctor what needs healing, repairing or deleting. It also tells your organs and cells what to switch on or off and how to function optimally.


When this flow gets disrupted your body cannot function normally. Disruptions include irritation, inflammation, interference, and more.


One of the first symptoms that the messages are getting scrambled or stuck is PAIN and discomfort.  Your body is crying for help!


Detecting the exact location along the spine where your nervous system is failing is WHAT WE DO.  Our knowledge of how chiropractic works give us the edge in helping you get out of PAIN fast, by offering natural chronic pain relief, with long-lasting results.

What We Do

Chiropractic is safe. It’s a natural and holistic practice, offering drug free pain relief, regulated by the General Chiropractic Council. As well as the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE) internationally.

It’s a non-invasive hands-on approach to healing. It involves specific spinal and joint adjustments to improve spinal alignment and neurological function. It’s this combination of techniques that improves mobility, flexibility, and alignment. This reduces pain and improves overall body function. We cannot guarantee immediate relief for sciatica pain and other issues you may have. But we can say with confidence that a change in lifestyle along with regular treatment from us will improve most conditions over time. From headache treatments to chiropractic back pain treatments and much more, we have plenty of experience treating issues of all kinds.

Chiropractors are experts in diagnosing and resolving neuro-musculoskeletal functional disorders of the spine. Chiropractic is ideal for problems such as back and neck pain and even knee pain. Plus headaches, migraine relief, sciatica pain relief, and many more symptoms besides, such as treatment for adults with scoliosis.

Chiropractors are trained to understand the human body in health and disease. They specialise in the neuromotor function of the spine and nervous system. Identifying abnormalities of the human structure and function. We believe this is why we have been able to help kickstart the healing journey with drug-free pain relief for thousands of clients over the years. People like you and me, who have sought out a drug-free pain management approach to healing that starts from within, naturally is how chiropractic works.

Our Clinics

Walker Chiropractic is a leading private chiropractic clinic based in Bridgend and Porthcawl. We serve clients from Brackla, Broadlands, Pencoed, Porthcawl, and beyond. We offer expert treatment for a range of spine and neuro-musculoskeletal problems. These include immediate relief for sciatica, cervicogenic headaches treatment pinched nerve in lower back treatment, headaches & migraines, low back pain treatments, sciatica pain relief, neck pain, knee pain and hip pain, and natural pain relief

Our passion is to maintain the highest standards of chiropractic care. We do this by citing the latest evidence-based chiropractic techniques. We pride ourselves on our person-centered approach. At the heart of this is our commitment to healing the individual behind the problem. We always give you the information and the answers you need to be involved in your healing recovery.

Our clinic is easily accessible by car, and we offer free parking and a friendly welcoming reception service. Making your first appointment is quick and easy to book a chiropractor online. If you have any questions or concerns about how chiropractic works, we are always here to advise and reassure you.

Dr Martyn

Martyn is an expert chiropractor in Bridgend. He is experienced in the fields of neurology and musculoskeletal issues. He has over 20 years of experience in private practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. He is also a member of the United Chiropractic Association.

Martyn prides himself on a person-centred approach. He has successfully helped many clients in Bridgend and surrounding areas. From trapped nerve in back treatment, aches and pains to mobility and functional disorders.

Martyn is passionate about health and especially about how chiropractic works. During his years in private practice Martyn has developed his knowledge in various related fields. He has helped to broaden his own knowledge and share it with others to create a practice community that thrives.

“Feeling Positive with Results”

Having treatment has given me a new lease of life, I look forward to my treatment. Everyday I go makes me feel so positive. Martyn and Sarah are so friendly, you just feel at home and they take all ways to have time to answer any questions I might have. I can highly recommend them both! Martyn and Sarah, thanks for all you have both done for me.  

Kym B.

“Nearly a Decade”

I’ve been visiting Walker Spinal Health Centre for nearly a decade and over the years I’ve come to appreciate the holistic benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments. As a health professional myself, I’m a bit fussy about who I entrust my health to and expect high standards. This is exactly what you will get from Martyn and Sarah. Their warm, friendly and professional attitude has ensured my spinal health, with a few adjustments along the way remains discomfort and pain free.

Michael Parfitt RNLD

“Free of Discomfort and Pain”

I have had a bad arm for 18 months, having consulted a Doctor, attended Physiotherapy department at the local hospital and finally found Martyn, a chiropractor who within 2 visits has sorted my ‘so called’ tennis elbow.  I never thought it was tennis elbow and Martyn’s expertise has given me an arm free of discomfort and pain and has allowed me to carry out my work of woodcarving without having to wear wrist braces etc.

Sharon Littley