Holiday travel season is officially here! – How to reduce stress during holiday travel – our top 5 tips to keep you smiling and get you in holiday relaxation mode!

This time of year, many people are preparing for travelling to their holiday destinations be it a staycation or overseas, whichever it is for you, you’ll be cooped up inside a plane, train, and/or car.

Travel can be fun, but it’s also stressful to your mind and body. Here are some suggestions to make holiday travel easier with stress and pain relief.

Pack smart!

Traveling with a lot of luggage can cause your body problems, especially if you don’t pack light! Your back, neck, shoulders, and arms are all strained as you drag that 23kg suitcase through the airport. Do not even consider lifting it to put it in the overhead bins! It is best to pack light to avoid this problem. Consider carefully the things you plan on taking with you as you prepare to leave. Ensure that you rotate the side you carry the luggage on regularly to distribute the weight evenly.

Remember to Stretch!

The public transportation system isn’t exactly known for its roominess. It doesn’t matter where you sit. Whether you’re in an aisle, window, or a middle seat, cramped seating conditions can wear you out.

It is best to choose an aisle seat if you can so you don’t have to crawl over strangers every time you wish to stand and stretch. For pain relief, get up every 20 to 40 minutes to stretch out your legs.

Get adjusted ahead of your trip!

During the holidays, stress and anxiety are at their highest. There is a lot to worry about holiday travel plans, visiting with family, and buying gifts. Chiropractic can’t eliminate all the triggers, but it can help your body deal with them. Chiropractors can relieve a considerable amount of tension in the spine, which can provide stress relief. By eliminating stress, the body can lower its natural response to these triggers.

Travel, food, and inactivity are all ingredients for developing discomfort. However, chiropractic care can help you avoid these aches and pains. By removing restrictions from the spine, chiropractors can help provide pain relief and improve mobility.

Pack a Snack or 2 

Remember to pack yourself a light healthy snack in case of delays and a bottle of H2O  – did you know that dehydration can contribute to headaches that in turn can make you feel even more stressed!?

Have fun!

Enjoy your holiday travels, and remember to keep your health in mind on the way. Start by scheduling an appointment at Walker Chiropractic, your local Bridgend & Porthcawl chiropractor. With years of experience helping people in and around Bridgend County, we would love to help you have a pain and stress-free holiday season!