Our Reviews

Here’s what our practice members have to say about their chiropractic care with us:

Our reviews


Overall Improvement

Improvement overall although still get isolated periods of neck pain but not as prolonged as previously.

Their professional and friendly practice makes me feel confident to recommend Walker Chiropractic. I'm very impressed with my initial phase of care and rate them 5 stars excellent!

Jane Jones

Happier and more active

I am so much more flexible & no longer hurt when I move, get out of bed etc
I feel happier in myself and am far more active. The treatment works and both of you are very welcoming. You made me feel safe when I first walked in and was unsure what I needed. Martyn is very thorough explains everything, so I knew what to expect. I would recommend because my initial experience was excellent.

Sue H

Less frequent headaches

I am experiencing less frequent headaches/ visual migraine. I am still experiencing some visual aura leading to mild headache and fatigue on occasions but feel more able to manage the episodes. I'd recommend Martyn to others for the overall feeling of wellness.


Improved mobility

Since starting care I have Improved mobility and less discomfort in Neck, shoulders, hips, upper and lower back. My initial care experience was excellent, I recommend Walker Chiropractic because of my Improved mobility and reduction in discomfort.

Brian Sparks

Much less pain

I was in absolute agony and immobile along most of my left side from shoulder down to several fingers.
I needed to consult my GP for appropriate pain killers but now these are only occasionally used.
Each visit has brought a much lower level of pain and now there are only minor times when I feel uncomfortable.

Exceptionally quality of care and advice throughout; Clear explanations given as to what is being done and the outcome(s).
A very high level of professionalism noted throughout but also very friendly with approach.

Neil Beames

No back pain

No back pain and able to do my work as beforehand I was struggling, able to ride my motorbike, which I could never had done before starting my chiropractic care.

Lucy Coles

Migraine relief

Migraines are very minimal now, even without medication. Excellent initial care , I highly recommend as it works!

Ben T

Best thing I have ever done for myself

Best thing I have ever done for myself.
After each session I genuinely feel like a new person.
Takes away my back pain and clears my mind. Definitely puts the spring back in your step.
Excellent customer care too. Looking forward to my next one. 5 Stars
Amazing service. Couldn't be without it

L A Gilbert

Skilled Professional

A very welcoming practice, all the staff are lovely. Martyn is an extremely skilled and professional chiropractor. He makes you feel at ease and can answer any questions you may have regarding chiropractic care. I have been attending monthly for the past 4 years and couldn't be happier with the treatment I receive

Lesley Owen

Flexible spine

The stiffness in my spine has completely gone. Just some tenderness in my right hand side lower back remaining. A fantastic service all round, and highly recommend.


I Can do everything now

The impact of the first 3 sessions was great. It enabled me to go to Cornwall for a week and engage in most things that I would normally do. Upon return I settled into a 1 per week , then 1 per 2 weeks programme as I could feel my balance, confidence and strength were recovering. I am now taking long walks, doing DIY, lifting modest weights, even climbing ladders again. All that was taboo in the immediate aftermath of the injury.

Denise Samways

Pain free hip and thigh

No pain in hip and thigh. My initial experience of care was excellent I would recommend them because I have confidence in Martin’s care/treatment and knowledge. Practice very efficiently run.